6 Things to Look for in a Trucking Job


Man standing in front of truck

Now is a really good time to become a trucker. The current shortage of qualified drivers means that truckers can be choosy about which companies they work for. Competition among employers is heating up, so it’s a great time to review the top six things to look for in an ideal trucking job.  TransForce is one such company that offers employees all of these benefits and more. Before accepting a trucking job, do your homework and compare!

Feeling valued. Lots of companies will say that they value their employees, but it’s best to look for an employer who demonstrates with their actions just how valuable their drivers are to them. For instance, does the company ask and care about what you want to do?  Do they try to work with you to deliver the ideal run and home time when you want it?

Strong emphasis on safety and training. Companies that proudly talk about their safety record and can show you the numbers to prove it are class operations. Being part of a culture where safety and proper training are emphasized, publicized and rewarded will take your trucking career to a new level.  You can be proud of what you do and all the while you know that your employer not only wants to keep you safe, but has programs in place to ensure that safety.

Good benefits. These days, it’s not only about your paycheck. Good healthcare, dental and vision benefits, paid time off, life insurance, disability insurance, options to contribute to a 401K and other perks of the job help truckers lead a balanced, healthy and happy life. Look for an employer that has an excellent benefits package.

Fair pay. For most people considering a trucking job, the bottom line is certainly how much money they can expect to earn. Look for positions that offer a fair wage and compensation package. Also, be sure the company can keep you on the road for as many hours a week as you’d like to drive. Balance the pay versus the hours you can expect to work each week to be sure the compensation is fair.

Flexibility. Sometimes you can end up taking a trucking run that just doesn’t work out for you, for whatever reason. If you are stuck on that assignment, and there is no wiggle room for you to try another gig, you’ll wind up starting the job search process all over again. If you work with a staffing agency like TransForce, you can either take a dedicated run, or have more flexibility. And, if you choose to be flexible, but then change your mind, that’s OK, too. What you really should look for is a company that offers you the most ways to enjoy what you do. For most drivers, that means having a lot of flexibility.  

Investment in technology. Technology can make a trucker’s job so much easier and safer. If you’re eyeing a job with a company that seems “outdated”, you may want to instead look for one that invests in modern technology and also provides training on that new technology to its drivers. Not only will it make your job easier and more rewarding, but it also provides you with critical skills to take you into the future.

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