Are you using the “right” GPS?

GPS units have become more and more popular in the recent years and can be a great tool in aiding us drivers on a daily basis finding destinations we may not be familiar with. However, GPS units can oftentimes lead Truck Drivers into “tricky” situations that ultimately lead to a large commercial vehicle traveling down a road that is not suitable for a CMV.

Over the past few years, major manufactures of GPS units have begun producing GPS units that are designed for the trucking industry. These units contain “truck routing” which is essential when sitting behind the wheel of a big-rig. Many of these units also contain useful tools for drivers such as breakdown assistance, fuel locations, truck stops, and also weather alerts such as areas that experience high winds.

FMCSA has provided guidance on GPS units when driving commercial motor vehicles. Remember, we are professional drivers and as such we should use such units in a professional manner. Don’t let it become a “distractive driving” habit, and above all else, use common sense to avoid bad situations which were a result of GPS instructions.

For more information, visit FMCSA’s page on GPS units: