Congratulations Doug King: TransForce 2019 Driver of the Year

“An exceptional driver and an employee that all companies would like to have when it comes to his work ethics!”

Winning the Driver of the Year Award here at TransForce is a big deal. Pitted against thousands of drivers, the competition is fierce. Doug has been with TransForce since 2002 and has been working with Fourteenth Avenue Cartage since 2005. During those years, he has rarely missed a day and has been accident free. What a remarkable achievement. When asked what his key to success was, he says he just follows the rules, tries to stay safe and do everything right. We should all follow his lead.

From left to right: David Broome (President and CEO, TransForce Group), Paul Braswell (VP, Field Operations and Recruiting), Doug King (Driver of the Year), Kimberly Castagnetta (EVP Marketing and Division President Compliance and Safety), Tom Olsen (VP, Sales), Andrew Burr (Director, Compliance and Safety), Julie Sippel (General Manager), Rae Anne Beckius (Operations Supervisor).

Doug tells us his career as a driver came along by chance. While he was working in a warehouse for a prior employer, they offered a program that would let him earn his CDL license. It was a good opportunity to advance his career, and he’s been driving ever since.

When we asked Doug what he likes most about working at TransForce, he says it’s the people and how well they treat him. And the feeling is mutual! Doug gets positive feedback across the board. His willingness to go the extra mile and never complain is part of what makes him such a valuable asset to TransForce and to the Fourteenth Avenue Cartage team he works with in Dearborn, Michigan. “Doug is the epitome of a professional commercial driver. Not only is his safety record exemplary, but his concern for his customers is top of mind,” said Joe Dolan, President of Employment Solutions for TransForce Group. “Our Driver of the Year selection committee couldn’t have chosen a more-deserving driver.” 

A special reception was held on March 2 to celebrate Doug’s success and achievements over the last 17 years with TransForce. At the ceremony, Doug responded to receiving the award by saying “I thank everyone at TransForce for recognizing my contributions. I’ve enjoyed my time here and hope to stay here for the rest of my career.” Doug’s commitment to doing things right also spills over into his personal life. He shares that when he is not working, he spends time working out and staying fit. He enjoys lifting weights, running and playing basketball with his brother and friends. Yet another place where we should follow Doug’s lead by maintaining a safe and healthy lifestyle.

Congratulations, Doug! The team at Fourteenth Avenue Cartage is lucky to have such a reliable and safe driver among them and we are proud to have you as part of our TransForce family. We too hope you stay here for the rest of your career and look forward to your continued success with TransForce! In addition to Doug, we would like to recognize the following regional winners: Ronnie Harris (Alexandria, VA), Jennifer Burgess (Atlanta, GA), Chester “Lee” Coombs (Columbia, SC), Gene Eisenberger (Harrisburg, PA), Kenneth Johnson (Kansas City, MO), Ferdinand Ambat (Los Angeles, CA) and Ruperto Soto (Miami, FL). These drivers are all outstanding ambassadors of the TransForce brand and we thank you all.