5 Tips for Driving in the Rain

Rainy season is upon us in many parts of the United States. While the severity may vary, the driving risks remain the same.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration project that this┬áseason will bring “historic, widespread flooding” which poses a threat to everyone on the road. But even if you aren’t in a flood-prone area, here are some tips you can keep in mind when driving in the rain:

truck in rain

  1. Check the weather. Knowledge is power, and it only takes a minute to review forecasts on your upcoming routes and make note of any potentially treacherous areas you may need to navigate.
  2. No distractions. There is no need to increase your risk on the road from inside the cab. Stage any beverages or snacks in a way that does not inhibit your ability to handle the tractor, and never turn your focus to a cellphone or other electronic device while in motion.
  3. Be mindful of speed changes. Rain affects traction, so adjust your speed and following distances accordingly. Tires are forced to displace one full gallon of water per second in order to maintain contact with the road when just 1/12 of an inch of rain is on the road.
  4. Adjust following distance. Just like your acceleration and deceleration, you must adjust for potential changes in traction and braking distance in wet conditions. Increase your following distance accordingly.
  5. Trust your gut. If conditions are unsafe, park it!

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