American Trucking Association MCE 2019: Meet Our Team at Booth #8081!

Join us at the ATA MCE 2019 in San Diego!


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The TransForce Group team is hitting the road for another exciting trade show. From October 5-9, they’ll join other trucking industry professionals at the ATA Management Conference & Exhibition.

Meet the team

Below are the team members who will be representing the TransForce Group at MCE19. Say hello and learn more about our services, including TACC, our recently launched one-stop DOT audit solution.


Tom Olsen, Vice President of Sales

tom olsen headshot


What my title means: I’m responsible for managing, training, and coaching four Regional Sales Managers. We manage and grow ten National Accounts and help cross-sell our TransForce Group services.

How long I’ve been with TransForce: 18 years

What I like most about working for TransForce: Being an active member of a winning team and the leading company nationally on driver staffing, safety, and compliance.

Fun fact: For 25 straight years I have taken a fly-in fishing trip into Northern Canada where there is no electricity, cell phones, or running water. We fish for Northern pike and walleyes.

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Scott Jirtle, Senior National Account Manager, Vertical Specialist

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What my title means: I enjoy the challenge of the strategic and tactical management of our National Accounts.

How long I’ve been with TransForce: 16 years

What I like most about working for TransForce: From our CEO down, I have always felt that I am valued with TransForce. This truly creates a family environment where everybody is there for each other. People care about me as a person, my family, and my professional growth. There is a genuine spirit of cooperation and shared goals all revolving around helping the customer.

Fun fact:  I am an avid sailor and shipwreck diver with over 40 wrecks logged.

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Andrew Burr, Director of Compliance & Safety

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What my title means: The Compliance and Safety Director serves as a primary resource to our branch operations team to advise them on all Safety and Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. I oversee the Compliance team and support our customer’s Safety Directors in an effort to help them improve their business operations. As the Compliance and Safety Director, I  help drive the growth of the TransForce Services Group; conducting mock DOT audits for customers and various other customer programs.

How long I’ve been with TransForce: 18 months

What I like most about working for TransForce: The dedication of high standards that is passed down from our top leadership. TransForce prioritizes and is committed to the safety of employees, our drivers, our partners and the traveling public.  It’s an honor to work for a company that has a vision to make a difference.

Fun fact: I have a Commercial Pilot’s License, enjoy playing golf and am a die hard Carolina Panthers fan, Go Panthers!

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Kim Castagnetta, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing 

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What my title means: I focus on the value we provide to our customers and drivers, and the best way we can connect them with solutions making sure TransForce Group stays the Driver’s Choice and the Carrier’s Advantage.

How long I’ve been with TransForce: 2 years

What I like most about working for TransForce: Our commitment to safety and bringing high touch value to customers and drivers.

Fun fact: I am a huge English Premier League fan, and will be attending my first matches in England this fall.

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