Clean Snow and Ice From Your Truck: Here’s Why

Driving with snow and ice on your vehicle is dangerous and could be illegal.

We’ve all seen “that driver”. You know, the one driving down the road with a foot of snow piled up on top of his vehicle. The one where the snow blowing off his roof has completely ruined your visibility as well as all the other drivers around you.

Aside from being inconsiderate, here are some other reasons why drivers should completely clean snow and ice off their vehicles before they hit the road: truck with snow on hood

  • Snow or ice could fall onto your windshield blocking your visibility
  • Snow or ice could fly off your vehicle:
    • Blocking another driver’s visibility.
    • Hitting a pedestrian, another driver and/or another vehicle causing damage, injury or even death.
    • Creating obstructions on the road.
  • Some states and localities have laws making it illegal to drive with snow or ice accumulations on vehicles that may come with steep fines and penalties.
    • Even if there is no specific law relating to snow or ice, you could be cited for not clearing snow and ice under another unsafe driving offense like distracted driving or driving with an obstructed view.

Don’t ever take off in a truck with snow or ice on top that could create a safety hazard for you or anyone else.

If the customer whose vehicle you’re scheduled to take out has not removed the snow and ice from their fleet vehicle and you can safely do so before you start out, do so. If there are not any snow and ice removal devices or portable snow removal tools at the customer site, advise the customer that you can’t proceed unless the snow can be cleared.

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