Congratulations to Our 2018 TransForce Driver of the Year!

Attention to safety, attitude and leadership. Those are three qualities repeatedly used to describe Thomas Krusick, our Driver of the Year.

Winning the Driver of the Year Award is no small feat—up against more than 3,000 drivers, the competition is incredibly stiff!

transforce driver of the year with award

Thomas Krusick (left) was honored at a ceremony in Birmingham, AL on March 7. He is shown here with Paul Braswell, TransForce VP of Field Operations and Recruiting, and Kenny Horne, Market Manager

Thomas comes from a family involved in the trucking industry, and has
been driving for 8 years. He has been with TransForce for the last 5 years,during which time, he has had a stellar attendance record and has maintained a perfect safety record!

Thomas keeps a Safety First attitude by his constant display of safe driving behaviors and best practices throughout his shifts every day. When asked what his key to success is, he says you just need to remember to be safe at all times so you can return home at the end of each day. Thomas  has many important reasons to return home safe each day, namely, his 4 year old son, 11 year old daughter,and his fiancée, whom he plans to marry in September.

Working at TransForce, the benefits are good, but it’s the people that Thomas likes most. And the feeling is mutual—people like working with Thomas. He gets positive feedback across the board. His helpful, can-do outlook and exemplary leadership skills make him an asset to TransForce and to the New South Express team he works with. His New South Express team members have referred to him as “The Poster Child” for what they want in a driver, he’s their go-to guy whenever they need a critical job performed.

Thomas shares some of the reasons you’d expect for why he enjoys being a driver: being out and about and getting to see the country, different scenery, the feeling of being your own boss. But mostly, he just really likes driving—whether it’s a truck for TransForce, or his Mustang convertible when he’s off the clock.

While his driving skills are top-notch,he excels in many other areas as well: training, conducting road tests,evaluations, effectively communicating,and supporting new TransForce drivers. New South Express has multiple locations and positions that require additional training. Thomas has worked every single job type, putting him in the unique position of understanding exactly what is required to perform each job function, and making him the perfect person to train and assist new drivers. Knowing each position combined with his dedication to safety, excellent communication skills and his commitment to the team make him a perfect mentor for any new driver.

Besides driving, Thomas loves football. He’s a Cleveland Brown, Ohio State Buckeye and extreme high school football fan. As an AHSAA Football Official, on Friday nights during football season, you’ll find him on the field refereeing games. He’s happy to support anyone interested in joining him so if you’re interested in becoming a football official, give him a shout and he’ll help you get started!

Congratulations, Thomas! The entire team at New South is a stronger unit under your leadership and we are proud to have you as part of our TransForce family. We’re looking forward to your continued success with TransForce!