5 Tips for Proper Pallet Jack Use

Using a Pallet Jack is Part of the Job for Many Truckers. Make Sure You Know How to Operate One Safely.

Most truckers are going to spend some significant time throughout their careers loading and unloading freight from trailers. Big or small, they’ll cube it all, but someone has to take it off the trailer and —in many cases— this is going to require the use of a pallet jack. Although some truck drivers may have the luxury of a forklift driver to assist, or an electric pallet jack, often times you’ve got to get the job done with just a manual pallet jack and some elbow grease.

pallet jackFollow these key tips to ensure you’re safely and efficiently making use of this tool:

  • Push for power. While electric jacks may operate in the pulling position, it is far more efficient and safer to push a manual pallet jack. The average person can push four times the amount of weight than they can pull. Pulling may increase maneuverability, but greatly decreases power and places more strain on the back.
  • Keep the actuating lever in the neutral position to move the load as this both frees the handle from resistance and reduces operator fatigue.
  • Operate at a safe speed.
  • Maintain at least one inch of clearance between the floor and the pallet.
  • Never use one fork to lift the load.


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