How to Share the Road Safely

Working at TransForce gives us a different perspective on driving and sharing the road. Hopefully it has made all of us, even those of us that aren’t part of our professional driving team, safer, more observant, and distraction‑free drivers.

Unfortunately, we’re not the only people on the road. At the corporate office we talk a lot about the things we see driving into work every day that put our drivers in danger.

Stay on the lookout for these potential hazards and distractions:

  • COVID‑19 has made roads more dangerous:
    • Distractions – Concerns about the virus are scaring people which can lead to folks not paying attention on the road like they should be
    • Pedestrians – More folks are walking and biking to get active outside since being quarantined
    • Speeders – Without as much traffic, many drivers have been disobeying speed limits
    • Road rage – People may be suffering from stress, fear, grief, sadness or anger that causes them to react aggressively or be confrontational
  • Drivers not knowing about or paying attention to commercial motor vehicle (CMV) blind spots and “no zones”
  • Drivers passing without making sure they can see the driver of a CMV in the CMVs mirror before doing so
  • People cutting CMVs off or not leaving sufficient space before or after a CMV
  • Drivers not knowing or understanding the limits of the CMV being driven
  • Distracted Driving – folks eating, fiddling with the GPS, radio or controls, texting, talking on the phone

Be extra vigilant, stay focused and do your best to anticipate what unpredictable humans are going to do next. To help, let’s all share information with our friends, family and colleagues to help them appreciate the hazards they may be causing for CMV drivers so we can all share the road together SAFELY!

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