How to Share the Road with Motorcyclists

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

With April showers giving way to May flowers, we are all undoubtedly excited for warmer weather and longer days. But we aren’t the only ones! Across the country, motorcyclists everywhere are getting their gear ready and motorcycletheir bikes tuned up for another season of riding. By raising motorists’ awareness, both drivers and riders will be safer on the road.

Most us of us are used to sharing the roads and highways with motorcyclists daily. However, there are segments of the driving population who live in areas with wintry weather that can go the entire season without seeing a single motorcyclist on the road. That is about to change for many of us, and it is important that we consider and respect our fellow drivers on two wheels.

As more motorcycles hit the roads, there are a few things you should keep in mind to avoid potentially tragic situations:

    • Give space to motorcyclists. It is sometimes difficult to anticipate the movement of a motorcyclist, especially in states where things like lane-splitting is legal.


    • Merge with caution. Motorcyclists are much smaller, and tend to get caught in blind spots more easily. Bear this in mind when changing lanes or entering a highway.


    • Anticipate quick stops. Motorcycles stop much more quickly than trucks. If one is in front of you, keep a safe distance so you can be prepared to break.


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