6 Tips for Safe Spring Driving

trucks in rain

Follow these safe driving tips to keep yourself and your fellow drivers protected.

1. Turn on Your Lights. 

In the spring we go from ice and snow to rain and fog. Any time your visibility is hindered, turn on your lights. Before you get on the road, make sure all of your lights are working including headlights, tail lights and turn signals.

2. Check Your Wiper Blades.     

Harsh rain can quickly compromise your visibility when you don’t have wipers that keep your view cleared. Before April showers strike, make sure wipers are functioning properly and ready when you need them.

3. Check Your Tires.

Harsh winter conditions can damage a vehicle’s tires.  Check to make sure the treads aren’t worn and the tires are filled correctly. Pressure that’s too high may cause you to lose traction and stopping distance. Tires that don’t have enough pressure can overheat and cause accidents.

4. Slow Down. 

Spring brings out more pedestrians, cyclists, runners and other people on the road. While you can’t control whether or not someone runs into the street, you can be prepared to make a fast decision that could prevent a serious accident.

5. Stay in the Middle.

Wet roads can be just as dangerous as snowy or ice ones. Try to stick to the middle lanes, where there will likely be less flooding.

6. Avoid Potholes.

Winter leaves behind a lot of potholes. Try to avoid them whenever possible.


Whatever you do this spring, enjoy the longer days, soak up the nice weather, and stay safe. For more TransForce safety information visit transforce.com/blog.