Stay Cool on the Road

Summer presents a new set of challenges and potential hazards for the trucking community. Stay safe on the road with these tips: thermometer with high reading

1. Check the traffic, check your route, and stay alert through work zones.

Summer is a time for traffic. Families are out on road trips and vacations, motorcyclists are out in full force, and college kids are cruising for the summer. On top of that, summer is the time of year when road projects and construction are more abundant. 

2. Check the condition of your truck, and do it often.

Extreme heat and long miles are tough on any vehicle, but a fully loaded tractor really takes some abuse during this season. Check your tire pressure and tread, check your brakes, and be mindful of engine temperature, especially in areas with frequent changes in elevation. Finding yourself broken down in high temperatures is a recipe for trouble. Don’t risk it!

3. Take care of yourself!

Your health and comfort are the most important tools to help you focus on the road and operate your tractor safely. Wearing sunscreen and staying hydrated are imperative when out on the road to avoid burns or heat exhaustion on those long day-runs. Polarized sunglasses are also very helpful, as they cut down greatly on road glare and dazzle. If you can’t see, you can’t drive.

Take a second to look after your rig and yourself this summer. It might just make all the difference!

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