Top 10 Online Trucking Communities and Influencers

Truckers are having a moment – and well deserved! 2021 has been an unprecedented year for the so-called “driver shortage”, thanks to the perfect storm that was 2020. Influenced heavily by the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 saw seasoned drivers retiring in record numbers, a huge boom in ecommerce consumerism – and unfortunately, less drivers entering the work force due to COVID-19 related CDL school closures and restrictions.  

With the US economy ramping back up, the industry at large is shifting focus to this essential category of worker. How can we improve the quality of work and life for this role? What can we do to add value to these employees? How can we attract the next generation of truckers to the market?  

The media – specifically social media – is playing a vital role in all the above. In this blog, we highlight the top 10 trucking communities and influencers who are making waves in the world of transportation. 

Top 5 Online Trucking Communities 

Here is our round up of the top 5 trucking communities available online today, selected for the value they add to the trucking community at large. 

5. CDL 4 Life (Facebook Group) 

CDL 4 Life is a private, members only Facebook Group powered by retired military police offer turned trucker, Chamaine Jeffers. The community is self-described as “focused on the business aspects and how to succeed at being an owner operator.” 

Top Online Trucking Communities: CDL 4 Life

This group is an excellent place to network with fellow owner operators and gain career advice to become even more successful in the industry. Military veterans and civilians alike will benefit from the community Chamaine has cultivated, sharing a good laugh in the process. 

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4. R/truckers (Reddit) 

With over 79,000 members, Reddit’s r/Truckers forum is one of the largest trucking communities on the internet to date. If you’re looking for a no-frills, trucker led community with anonymity and diversity of discussion topics, r/truckers might be the community for you. 

Top Online Trucking Communities: r/truckers

As an organic and anonymous community with very few rules, r/truckers provides CDL drivers the ability to express themselves, seek advice from fellow truckers, vent about employers, share photos of their rig – and anything else you can think of. Just be prepared to answer the question: would you rather encounter 100 duck sized horses, or 100 horse sized ducks?  

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3. It’s Trucker Time (Facebook) 

Powered by TransForce, a leading driver staffing and placement firm employing over 10,000 drivers annually, It’s Trucker Time is a Facebook Group dedicated to truckers from across the U.S.A. and Canada.  

Top Online Trucking Communities: It's Trucker Time

One of the greatest contributions to the trucking world you can find on It’s Trucker Time are the weekly live events that offer practical guidance from various experts about how to improve quality of life at home and on the road.  

Each week, new speakers take the stage to discuss topics such as personal finances, investing, healthy living and career development. 

The group also regularly hosts giveaways that coordinate with the theme of the week and actively encourages feedback on new topics/speakers to host. As a Facebook Group, it is also possible for truckers to launch their own conversations, thus you really get the best of both worlds. 

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2.  Trucking Truth 

The forum was created to help people better understand the trucking industry and make informed choices for their career. There’s a variety of topics/discussions posted as well as helpful videos. 

Top Online Trucking Communities: Trucking Truth

One of the best parts about Trucking Truth is the sub-categories within the forum that allow users to quickly arrive to the appropriate peer network for their personal situation. Sub-categories like “CDL School Diaries” or “Ladies of Trucking” fulfill some niche discussion, and a broad tagging structure can help you find just what you’re looking for inside this rabbit-hole of trucking discourse. 

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1.  Truckers Report 

The Truckers Report forum currently has nearly 300,000 members, 370,000 discussions, and 7.7M messages. The forum has several categories/posts including Good & Bad Trucking Companies, Owner Operators, Trucking Industry, Trucking Tools, etc.  

Top Online Trucking Communities: Truckers Report

Easily the broadest forum for truckers, by truckers – Truckers Report also helps aspiring truckers practice for their CDL test, find a qualified school to become a licensed driver, and search for new jobs. Membership is free, and conversation is endless – if you’re looking for peer to peer networking, Truckers Report is the right community. 

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Top 5 Online Trucking Influencers 

These are the men and women who are going viral in the world of trucking and reshaping views of the industry for the better!  

5. Asmin De Loa (TikTok) 

With over 286,000 followers on TIkTok, Asmin De Loa is easily one of the top trucker influencers on the platform. While she shares content from everyday life on the road, she also shares her quirky personality and life off the road with viewers, making her extremely relatable to truckers and non-truckers alike! 

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4. Dave and Catherine, Smart Trucker (YouTube) 

David and Catherine of Smart Trucker are a power couple posting weekly videos on various topics meant to help professional truck drivers. They cover topics ranging from how to start a career in trucking, to health and wellness on the road, as well as financial advice and driving tips.  

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3. Candace Rivers, Fit’s Possible Trucking (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram)  

New to trucking, Candace Rivers is a recent CDL Graduate and Founder/CEO of Fit’s Possible Trucking. Candace is on a mission to bring awareness to healthy living on the road, and offers trucking specific work out videos and meal prep to her captivated audience.  

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2. Trucker Josh (YouTube) 

There’s no better way than to get into the daily life of a trucker than to follow Trucker Josh on YouTube. His daily vlog shows snippets of his life, and sometimes his wife Brittany. Trucker Josh is a Canadian truck driver and a 15 year veteran of the industry, he even grew up in a family of truckers. 

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1.  Clarissa Rankin, (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) 

Life on the road can be tough! But Clarissa wants you to know that you must stay focused, cut the noise out of your life to live a more authentically and stress-free. Her motivational videos have amassed over a million followers on TikTok alone, and based on her giant smile and  bubbly personality – we think she is on to something! 

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