Truck Drivers: Are You Minding the Safety Rules?

Remember to always follow the truck driver safety rules to avoid common preventable injuries.

Liberty Mutual Holding Co. Inc.’s 2020 workplace safety index was released in June. The index found that overexertion and falls from the same level have consistently been the top two causes of injuries – which came as no surprise to anyone at TransForce. Those are consistently two of the most common causes of significant injuries to our drivers as well.

If you are rolling your eyes and thinking, here they go again telling me things I already know, what you may not know is that almost every overexertion and fall injury we have at TransForce is preventable. Just one wrong or misplaced step can result in a serious and painful injury.

Ask yourself: are you following these truck driver safety rules?

driver loading pallet
  • Are you using proper lifting techniques?
  • Are you always maintaining 3 points of contact?
  • Are you wearing the proper PPE?
  • You’re not jumping from the dock, your tractor, trailer or ladder, are you?
  • Are you only using equipment that is in safe working order and that you’re trained to operate?
  • Are you checking the straps before you pull them?
  • Are you asking for help if it is a two‑person job?
  • You’re not pushing or pulling something that is too heavy for you, are you?
  • Are you correctly maneuvering the landing gear so you don’t get hurt?
  • Are you using your 5th wheel puller?

Are you exercising care and paying attention to your surroundings?

  • Do you know where the edge of the loading dock is located?
  • Are you using the rail while walking down the stairs?
  • Are you watching for drop offs or things on the ground like spills or debris that could cause you to slip and fall?
  • Do you know where that last step is?
  • Are you trying to get into a position that no body should be in?
  • Where is the lift gate?
  • Are there potholes in the pavement?

Be sure to mind the little things and keep from getting injured. We want you to return home safe and sound each and every day.

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