4 Warm Weather Driving Hazards & How to Avoid Them

trucks and motorcycles driving

As the weather changes, so do your risks on the road.

With summer in sight, there’s more traffic and potential for crashes. Keep an eye out for these four warm weather driving hazards whenever you’re behind the wheel:

1. Animals on the move

Animals are more active in the spring.  Some critters are out looking for a mate, and others are waking up from a winter of hibernating. Deer are most active at dawn and dusk, so take caution to avoid them.

2. More pedestrians

As temperatures rise, more people head outside to take walks or bike rides with their families. Slow down and pay extra attention at crosswalks. Pedestrians always have the right of way when they have a walk signal.

3. Teenage drivers

School’s almost out for summer, so teens and their friends will be out on the roads more than usual. It’s also more likely to see teenagers driving without an adult in the car. Be ready to react quickly to sudden changes from these inexperienced drivers.

4. Motorcycles

Sharing the road with motorcyclists is one of the most dangerous warm weather driving hazards for truck drivers. Because of their speed and size, motorcycles may quickly come in and out of your blind spots. When following a motorcycle, maintain a safe following distance of at least four seconds.


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