Intermodal could gain from truck capacity crunch

Intermodal may be poised to win more freight away from TL carriers in the second half of the year due to current and impending federal regulatory efforts plus and growing driver shortage that are combining to reduce both truck productivity and capacity. “It is clear to us that TL carriers serving long haul trucking lanes … are having difficulty finding sufficient numbers of high-quality drivers to seat their trucks,” said Ron Sucik, founder of RSE Consulting, during a webinar last week hosted by Wall Street investment firm Stifel Nicolaus. “Driver quality regulations, such as the CSA [Compliance Safety Accountability] program, should remove a portion of the drivers from the industry while the upcoming hours-of-service [HOS] regulations should reduce the productivity of the remaining drivers,” he added. Read more about how intermodal could gain from truck capacity crunch … See the full article here.