2012 National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Today marks the start of the 2012 National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (9/16 to 9/22). We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and to show our appreciation for what you do for TransForce all year long. Our offices are often complimented on your driving skills, your concern for safety, your professionalism, your customer service and your willingness to make our customers happy.

TransForce now employs over 1,500 professional truck drivers across the country. Combined on an annual basis, we drive over 100 million miles and we have the safest record of any driver staffing company and better than most U.S. motor carriers. We are extremely proud of our safety record and even more proud of the professional drivers that support our network of 38 offices and drive for our 2,000 customers across this great country.

As you know, our standards are higher than those of many motor carriers. Being a TransForce driver is a badge of honor and we are honored you have chosen TransForce as your employer. We are continuously looking for business partners who want to team with us for our professional drivers. TransFerce is also always recruiting for additional drivers like you. Reach out to your local branch to learn about the driver referral bonus plan and refer a friend for some easy cash . .

Safety is our first concern. Please help us to help you stay safe. Read our safety newsletter – In the Safety Zone TM – – and take the time to practice the following safety tips:

• Lift with your legs, not with your back.
• Always keep three points of contact when climbing in and out of the cab.
• Wear your seatbelt! It may save your life someday.

Thank you for your professional service. TransForce is the nation’s top provider of driver solutions because we work with drivers like you. You are the key to our success and we are proud to work with you each and every day. Please visit your local office to pick up your driver appreciation gift. And please be careful out there!