Transportation staffing a key element of the supply chain

How can transportation staffing firms help motor carriers to meet the demand for truck drivers?

The ATA recently reported that truck tonnage increased 5.5% from the prior year.  With GDP rising in the 1.5% to 3% range in recent quarters, truck volumes appear to be one area where economic activity is recovering more robustly than the economy at large.  With unemployment still high, surprisingly there is much discussion of a truck driver shortage.  In addition to increased demand for truck drivers from a a recovering economy, new government regulations curtail the available labor force.  These regulations include the CSA safety regulations as well as new hours of service (HOS) regulations.  Motor carriers are faced with the potential lost revenue from not having enough drivers.

Transportation staffing is uniquely positioned to help motor carriers put drivers in the right places at the right times.  While a single carrier may have needs that vary over time, the transportation staffing industry can meet the industry’s needs by shifting scarce drivers from one motor carrier to another to meet the needs of multiple carriers.  This is especially important in an environment with great uncertainty about future demand, such as our post-“Great Recession” world. expired domains .