Carriers: Get California AB5 Compliant Today

Eliminate the risk of misclassifying workers with TransForce

Effective June 30th 2022, the injunction protecting owner operators and the motor carriers who utilize them has been lifted.

Get compliant today to avoid disruption to business and costly penalties.

“In preparation for CA AB5, TransForce helped our company transition our drivers to their Dedicated Driver Services program without any productivity loss to our customers. They guided us through the process and their advice was spot-on every step of the way.”

- CEO, Privately Held Motor Carrier

Effective June 30, 2022

Owner Operators must be reclassified as employees under California state law.

AB5 updates and resources

NON Compliance Risk for Carriers

  • Misclassification lawsuits
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Civil penalties of between $5,000 and $25,000 per violation
  • Workers' compensation penalties
  • Increased pressure from Unions

Achieve AB5 Compliance in a matter of days with TransForce

Eliminate the Risk of Misclassifying Your Drivers

Eliminate the Risk of Misclassifying Your Drivers

Hiring drivers through TransForce allows you to keep your workforce moving while staying AB5 compliant and retaining the owner-operator model with their equipment.

Driver Recruitment, Payroll, Benefits, Risk and Safety Without all the Risk

Let Us Handle Recruitment, Payroll, and Benefits

We ensure only the safest, most qualified drivers get behind the wheel for your business. Driver DQ files are maintained by TransForce to ensure your business meets DOT and FMCSA regulation.

Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment Insurance All-in-One Place

Workers’ Comp and Unemployment, All-in-One Place

When your owner operators become TransForce employees, we take on the responsibility of WC and UI. Your drivers get what they need. You save valuable time, money, and resources.