How to Avoid Truck Driver Shoulder Injuries

The use of proper body mechanics is the key to avoiding truck driver shoulder injuries and other upper body issues.

A good indicator as to whether you are performing an overhead lift properly is to observe the shoulder movement. If the shoulders are constantly moving closer to the ears rather than staying level with the collar bone, you are increasing the risk of shoulder injury. You can usually feel the strain in this area with repetitive motion over time.

Consider the size and weight of the object or load you are handling. When lifting overhead, the shoulders must stay down and when pushing loads, keep the shoulders level and push forward with legs bent to help distribute the force to complete the move.

Break down a load if necessary to reduce the strain on the shoulders and back. Never hesitate to ask for assistance if you need it.

Maintain good posture and warm up the shoulder muscles. Performing stretches and rowing-type exercises will reduce the risk of injury. The shoulder is one of the most flexible muscles in our body. A well-balanced exercise program that promotes flexibility, upper back strengthening and proper body mechanics will help you avoid shoulder injuries.

Overexertion and falls often lead to sprains, strains, and injuries to the upper extremities. Follow the tips above and don’t let yourself become victim of truck driver shoulder injuries.

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