Quick Keys to Safe Cranking

Cranking the landing gear is one of the most common ways drivers injure themselves outside of the tractor.

Strains and sprains to the shoulders, elbows and wrists often result from improper use of body mechanics when raising and lowering landing gear. Consider the following safe cranking guidelines to ensure proper, low-stress raising and lowering of the landing gear:

  • Stand parallel to the trailer when cranking. Resistance is at its highest during the raising of the gear. Standing parallel to it allows for easier rotation of the crank and places far less strain on the body. It also reduces the the likelihood for the crank to slip from your hand and strike you.
  • Face the trailer when lowering the trailer. This is the safest and least stressful position for the body. This position also allows the most controlled grip on the crank while lowering the trailer so you can avoid sudden drops and have time to step directly back and away from the trailer in the event of a mechanical failure.

Make sure to keep these safe cranking tips in mind when raising and lowering your trailer to avoid undue strain or bodily injury.

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