Recruit and Hire Entry Level CDL Drivers

Local, regional & national motor carriers use TransForce to streamline early talent recruiting and future-proof their supply chains.

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Get in front of the driver shortage.

We proudly graduate over 5,000 new CDL graduates into the workforce each year through our national footprint of truck driving schools known as The CDL School and Troops into Transportation. Through our partner school network of +100 schools, we help thousands of additional drivers nationwide launch their careers by matching them with carriers.

Leverage the Next Generation of Drivers

Future proof your supply chain with highly trained drivers from vetted CDL schools nationwide.

  • Build a Loyal Staff

    Our Entry Level Driver Program helps you build a highly trained, high retention staff of drivers. With our Finishing School Blueprint, you can customize your driver onboarding to lower insurance rates and put providers at ease.

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  • Help a Military Veteran Re-Enter the Workforce

    Through our Troops into Transportation program, we help thousands of military veterans get their CDL and re-enter the workforce. Hire an American hero today, and keep your trucks moving.

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The Advantages of
Entry Level Drivers

  • team

    Streamline early talent recruiting

    Focus your recruiters on more strategic hires for your business. Our team serves as the recruiting arm for your new driver talent.

  • challenge

    Fill challenging routes

    Recent CDL graduates are eager to get experience under their belts and are more willing to take on OTR, odd shift, or high-touch jobs.

  • grow

    Grow your

    Tapping into a pool of driver talent allows you to get front of the driver shortage and scale your business to meet increased demand.

  • search

    Maintain insurance rates

    Secure a great insurance rate by deploying our customizable finishing school blueprint to demonstrate a drivers safety and skillset.

What our Customers Say

Start Now with Entry Level Drivers

Get in touch with our team to find the best driver for your business.

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Filling over the road (OTR) and regional jobs with more seasoned drivers can be a very difficult and expensive task. 

Our entry-level drivers, including our Troops into Transportation program graduates, are more open to OTR and regional jobs as they learn the ropes and build their careers. 

By working with these drivers, not only can you save time and money by filling your seats faster – but you can also increase driver retention. Drivers from our schools boast a 35% higher retention rate than their more seasoned peers. 

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The Entry Level Driver program at TransForce includes recent CDL graduates from over 100 schools across the country. 

Of those 100 schools, TransForce owns and operates 8 CDL schools on military bases. Through these schools, we help military veterans transition into civilian life by obtaining CDLs and enabling them to work for motor carriers nationwide.

You have driver needs, and we have drivers coming out of school that are ready to work.

We help your business onboard the drivers by deploying a Finishing School Blueprint – which we customize to your specific operations.

Using the Blueprint, we work with you and your insurance company to ensure competitive rates for your new drivers.

You can choose to work with our recent graduates in different capacities. You can:

  • Have TransForce employ the drivers (on our W2), allowing you to worry about nothing more than dispatch.
  • Employ the drivers directly (on your W2), advertising your business on our campuses.

As TransForce drivers, we cover the drivers’ worker’s comp, benefits, and paid time off.

We also offer competitive benefits and retention programs to keep our drivers employed. 

If things work well for you and your driver, you can bring them on your payroll as your employee after a specified number of hours, and if the driver wants that, too.


Pricing for entry-level drivers is dependent on whether you will employ the driver directly or if TransForce will. 

Connect with our team today to explore which pricing model works best for you. 

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You absolutely can choose to only work with military veterans from our schools.

Due to the high demand, there is an additional fee to work exclusively with military veterans. 

Not necessarily. A comprehensive driver finishing program is the smoothest way to put motor carriers, new drivers and insurance companies at ease. While some motor carriers are building these finishing programs in-house, others are seeking partner companies to implement them. Customers who leverage TransForce’s new-hire finishing school are typically able to insure new drivers at rates comparable to their more seasoned peers.