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Optimize your recruitment marketing budget and hire more drivers using the industry’s most intelligent hiring technology.

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Intelligent Driver Hiring Technology has Arrived.

Receive highly qualified applicants at a lower cost per lead (CPL) and increase your app-to-hire rate up to 10x on TF1.
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    Get great results, fast.

    Stop sifting through resumes, trying to verify a drivers credentials by phone. TF1 validates the drivers’ CDL class & endorsements for a fit before they can apply to your roles. 

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    Increase productivity.

    With TF1, your team productivity is enhanced by our proprietary driver-job matching technology. You can increase your hire rates by up to 8x when compared to traditional job sites.  

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    Source unique candidates.

    TF1 offers you access to our unmatched portfolio of drivers, comprised of drivers from +100 CDL Schools, military veterans, TransForce pre-qualified drivers – and more. 

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  • 10X Drivers Hired on the Same Budget

    Unlike traditional job boards, TF1 is a dedicated CDL driver environment. Candidates must upload and validate their CDL license to apply to your open roles. 


How TF1 Works for Employers

  • Post Your Open Jobs

  • Set Your Budget

  • Receive Validated Candidates

    TF1 CDL License Validation
  • Choose the Best Drivers for Your Fleet


Why TF1 for Carriers?

  • TF1 scans and validates every driver's license to verify class, endorsements and experience level

  • Driver preferences & skills must match your job requirements to apply

  • Interested candidates immediately appear in your recruitment funnel

  • You decide which drivers you want to speak with

  • You are in complete control of your budget and spend

  • Choose from experienced drivers, U.S. Military Veterans and CDL graduates

  • Improve key metrics like Cost per Lead (CPL), Cost per Hire (CPH) and app to hire rate
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What drivers say about TF1:

Take Your Recruitment Dollars Further

Lower your cost per lead while increasing drivers hired using TF1.

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TF1 solves the inefficiency and pains of traditional driver recruitment.

It is a lead-based job board, and unlike other job boards, TF1 focuses exclusively on driving jobs. As a result, TF1 offers unparalleled industry-specific matching that beats any traditional job site.

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This brief video summarizes the functionality of TF1 as an employer:


In summary, once your profile is created on TF1, you’re able to begin posting jobs at no cost to you. 

For each job, you’ll need to set an allocated budget – which is determined by the number of leads your recruiter is prepared to handle. 

After your job is published, it is automatically advertised to drivers who match your job requirements. 

Applicants must express interest in your role to become a part of your queue. However, TF1 scans and validates the applicants CDL license to validate the class and endorsements are a fit before allowing them to complete their application. This ensures you get a great match, every time.
As an employer, you can reject any candidate within a 72-hour window. 

Using TF1, we see recruiting teams hire up to 10x the number of drivers they were able to on traditional job boards. If employing (and W2’ing) the driver directly at yours is your objective – TF1 is a great solution for you.

You do. 

All drivers employed through use of the TF1 product are on your company payroll. You can highlight key information about your company culture and benefits in your profile on the platform.

We deliver a per-market pricing that is dynamically calculated based on driver supply and demand in the area. 

Generally speaking – each lead will cost you between $25 and $100. 

If you live in a metropolitan area ripe with drivers – you can expect a lower cost per lead. If you live in Wichita, Kansas, you can expect a higher cost per lead. 

All pricing is transparent in the system, and when posting your job you will see the cost per lead of your area. You will then be able to set a total budget, which the system will never go above.

We can do that. TransForce can act as the driver employer through our Staffing Solutions.