Avoiding Road Rage During the COVID-19 Pandemic (and Always)

May 14, 2021

Avoiding Road Rage During the COVID-19 Pandemic (and Always)

We have a choice in engaging in aggressive behavior or avoiding road rage when driving.

COVID-19 has taken so much from so many. People have died, gotten very sick, lost jobs, and/or are experiencing significant financial concerns. Some are missing out on everyday opportunities or even long-awaited experiences they had been eagerly looking forward to.

You or other drivers on the road may be suffering from stress, fear, grief, sadness or anger which could in turn lead to one of these common behaviors causing road rage:

  • Not using a signal when turning;
  • Not keeping pace with traffic;
  • Tailgating;
  • Cutting a driver off;
  • Using mobile devices while driving.

As drivers, we each have the responsibility to be as safe as we can on the road and as professional drivers, it’s critical that you keep your head in the game at all times. The best offense to road rage is to drive defensively. Err on the side of being courteous to your fellow drivers. Maintain proper speeds. Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you. Always signal before changing lanes. We can’t control other drivers’ behaviors but road rage is a controllable event. We have a choice over whether to engage in aggressive behaviors or retaliate against an insult whether real or perceived. 

The wisest choice is always to ignore the aggressor. Don’t let yourself be drawn into a confrontation. The next time someone cuts you off or honks at you, keep your cool. Set a good example by avoiding road rage and cutting them some slack. Remember, they may be going through a rough time! Always be the one to do the right thing so everyone remains safe on the road!

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