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Best Online Communities for Female Truck Drivers

May 7, 2022

Best Online Communities for Female Truck Drivers

Fellow women truck drivers are a great resource if you’re new to the transportation industry or still considering the career. With women making up just over 10% of all truck drivers in the United States,, using online resources to connect with other female drivers may be more effective than just trying to make friends at truck stops.

What are the benefits of finding an online community for female truckers?

Truck driving is still very much a “boys club''. And men don’t always face the same challenges in the transportation industry that women do. Having a robust community of other women in the industry can be invaluable. You’ll be able to ask questions of veteran women drivers, get tips, and make friends with other women in your industry. You may even find a mentor who can help guide you through advancing your career or offer advice if you’re facing difficulties maintaining personal relationships while on the road.

What are the best online communities for female truck drivers?

Women in Trucking

This is probably the most well-known organization dedicated to encouraging women to join the transportation industry and working to reduce the obstacles they face. They have a Facebook group as well as Engage, their own dedicated, members-only community site. This organization provides a lot of resources for women in the transportation industry. They have blogs, networking events, conferences, and more to help women advance their careers.

Facebook Groups

There are a handful of trucking groups on Facebook that are exclusive to women. And you may find some local Facebook groups for women truckers in your state. Join as many as you want, and then figure out which communities have the engagement level and type of content that you want to see. The great thing about these groups is that they’re free to join, and there’s no obligation to stay.

How do you find other female truckers online?

Engage with other truck drivers on any social media platform that you have. You may be surprised by how many other women you can connect with who are in the same field as you.

There are a surprising number of women social media influencers who are truck drivers. Check out TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube to find them. You can also find a lot of good information on Reddit in r/truckers, although you won’t necessarily only encounter women.

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