TransForce Launches Barbies in Trucking! A Campaign Promoting Diversity and Inclusion for Women in the Trucking Industry

December 4, 2023

TransForce Launches Barbies in Trucking! A Campaign Promoting Diversity and Inclusion for Women in the Trucking Industry

Alexandria, VA – TransForce, a leader in the truck driver recruiting and staffing industry, is excited to announce the launch of its groundbreaking campaign, "Barbies in Trucking," to showcase inclusion for women in trucking. The campaign calls for Mattel to introduce a new addition to the Barbie career lineup – a Truck Driver Barbie.

For decades, Barbie has been a symbol of empowerment for young girls, demonstrating through various professions that they can aspire to be anything they set their minds to. From soaring the skies as a pilot in the U.S. Air Force to exploring outer space as an astronaut and racing around tracks as a car driver, Barbie has been an inspiration for generations.

However, one crucial profession Barbie has yet to explore is truck driving. Recognizing women's significant role in the trucking industry, where they currently make up 14% of the workforce, TransForce aims to highlight women's contributions to the industry and inspire young girls to consider careers in transportation. 

The "Barbies in Trucking" campaign has gained massive support after its introduction at the Women in Trucking event and recent media coverage, including on Road Dog radio.

"We believe that by introducing a Truck Driver Barbie, we can send a powerful message to young girls that the transportation industry welcomes and values their contributions," said Kelly McGurk, VP of Revenue Marketing at TransForce. "Whether behind the wheel of a box truck, a big rig, or seated behind a desk as a CEO, the possibilities in the trucking industry are endless. We want Barbie to represent one of America's most essential workers – a Truck Driver."

The trucking industry is a lifeline of the economy, connecting communities and ensuring goods reach their destinations efficiently. The "Barbies in Trucking" campaign aims to break gender stereotypes, promote diversity, and encourage young girls to dream big, fostering a future where women play an even more significant role in the transportation sector.

TransForce invites the public to support the campaign by signing the petition urging Mattel to create a Truck Driver Barbie. Show your support for women in trucking and help pave the way for future generations.

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In 2023, TransForce was named a Top Place for Women to Work in Transportation by the Women In Trucking Association.

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