About Us

SIA_2014Largest__USTransForce, Inc. provides flexible driver staffing solutions and Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance solutions across the USA. TransForce has been in operation since 1991 and has grown from its original three offices to be the leading transportation staffing company in the nation. Our national network of branch offices and our superior expertise in DOT compliance enable us to be locally responsive and nationally resourceful in meeting our customers’ specific needs. All branch offices are wholly-owned by TransForce. Our reputation for consistently high-quality service is very important to us and it is based upon our shared commitment to a culture of safety, quality and compliance.

Our Investors

TransForce Inc. is supported by two private equity firms that are well-known for their long-term focus.  This “patient capital” has enabled TransForce to grow and align with our customers’ needs rather than simply seek short-term results.  TransForce and our investors are focused on building long-term relationships to provide solutions to our customers’ problems.


TransForce is active in both transportation and staffing industry associations.  We have taken a leading role in promoting high standards throughout the driver staffing industry.

TransForce, Inc. is a Delaware corporation and conducts business throughout the United States. TransForce is the holder of a registered trademark for the name TransForce within the United States. TransForce is not affiliated with a trucking company of the same name located in Canada.