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TransForce Increases Productivity for Emergency Food Network

March 15, 2021

TransForce Increases Productivity for Emergency Food Network

About Our Client

In operation for more than 35 yearsEmergency Food Network (EFN) is a non-profit organization committed to providing the Pierce County, Washington community with a consistent, diverse, and nutritious food supply. As the primary distributor for government food programs in the county, EFN services 70+ locationsproviding over 14.2 million meals annually to their clients.

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Business Challenge

Operating a driver fleet below full operational capacity made it challenging for EFN to successfully manage deliveries to clients and pick-up donations. Compounding this challenge was the increase in demand for their services, as the number of families facing food insecurities in Pierce County increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To continue meeting the needs of their customers, EFN sought out a partner who prioritized safety, could vet drivers quickly, and help the organization meet its 18+ deliveries per day goal.

TransForce Solution

TransForce worked collaboratively with the EFN team to understand its immediate needs, budget requirements, and business goals. As a result, TransForce offered its Driver Ready solutionsallowing EFN rapid access to qualified temporary drivers who could supplement their workforce and allow the organization to meet its objectives.

Operational Capacity

Customer Result

By adding TransForce drivers to their fleet, EFN successfully reached full operational capacity, which improved by 33%. Filling the gaps in their fleet contributed to the organization’s ability to achieve its business goal of completing 18+ daily deliveries. To date, TransForce continues to support EFN by supplying temporary drivers on an as-needed basis.

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