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Hulx Transport and TransForce Help Veterans Re-Enter the Workforce

July 19, 2021

Hulx Transport and TransForce Help Veterans Re-Enter the Workforce

About Our Client

Hulx Transport was founded in 2021 by entrepreneurs and brothers Rick and Kelly Peterson. Aiming to solve for an issue in their metal recycling business, the brothers launched Hulx Transport. The company runs its fleet across the lower 48 states, carrying general goods in their semi-trucks. To grow and be successful with their business, Hulx needed access to Class A licensed CDL drivers – and they needed them fast.

Since its foundation, Hulx Transport has been focused on providing military veterans with above-average pay to haul freight in a more enjoyable work environment. To back this commitment, the company offers new trucks, flexible destinations, more home time, and the promise to be attentive to driver’s needs.

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The Challenge

After launching Hulx Transport, Rick and Kelly Peterson needed to solve for an issue presenting many carriers today: the hiring of qualified Class A licensed CDL Drivers. As a brand-new company, they had difficulty gaining traction in a talent market already saturated with offers from more well-established carriers. Brand recognition and price competition proved to be obstacles for finding and accessing the resources they needed.

Hulx Transport also tried advertising solutions, both digital and linear, but without much traction. So, when the company stumbled upon TransForce Group’s entry level driver program that would allow them to put CDL certified military veterans to work – they decided to try it.

The Solution

TransForce Group’s entry level driver program is designed to help motor carriers gain access to recent CDL graduates (both Class A and Class B) who are actively looking for work in the market. The company produces over 200 graduates monthly, with new graduates exiting the company’s certified and nationally recognized professional truck driver training school every day. Students of the program include both civilians and military veterans.

Hulx Transport saw a great fit for the brand mission and current need to fill their seats. They chose to staff exclusively military veterans using TransForce Group’s dedicated driver service. This means that TransForce Group graduates, vets, pays, and manages benefits for the drivers who continuously operate Hulx Transport vehicles. The company helps secure Hulx Transport business continuity by backfilling a driver during vacations
and/or sick leave.

To help Hulx Transport onboard their newly licensed CDL Class A drivers, TransForce Group deployed its proprietary finishing school blueprint process. The Finishing School Blueprint Process is a customizable regimen used to ensure drivers meet the standards of their carriers, stay safe on the road, and can be presented to insurance companies who often want to confirm a driver’s safety record.

In addition to supplying drivers, TransForce Group supports Hulx Transport with FMCSA and other compliance related challenges often faced by carriers in the industry.

"TransForce Group has been an essential part of our success.
From the driver program that we are now enrolled in, to their ability to help us with FMCSA assistance and compliance. In more ways than one, they have really gone to bat for us and helped us out."
– Rick Peterson, CEO of Hulx Transport

Results and Future Plans

Since starting a relationship with TransForce Group, Hulx Transport has brought on two entry-level, military veteran drivers to operate their rigs. They are now able to complete their routes and solve for the challenges in their metal recycling company.

Hulx Transport plans to bring on six more military veteran drivers from TransForce Group over the next three months – and continue partnering with the company as they expand their rapidly growing business

Never Miss the Opportunity to Hire the Best Drivers for Your Fleet

TransForce Group’s education and training division is building the drivers of today and tomorrow. For more than 30+ years, our nationally recognized schools offer our C.D.O.R (Comprehension, Demonstration, Observation, and Repetition) training method, designed to ensure the safety and high-quality standards we’ve been known for in the industry. 

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