Driver Insights 2022: Improve CDL Driver Recruitment

August 12, 2022

Driver Insights 2022: Improve CDL Driver Recruitment

How Can Carriers Effectively Attract and Engage CDL Truck Drivers?

Two+ years following the global pandemic, the trucking industry continues to experience a shortage of qualified drivers to propel trucking fleets around the country.

The shrinking driver pool and increased demand for freight has created a fiercely competitive environment for today's carriers. To keep pace with demand, the industry needs an estimated 160,000 new drivers by 2030.

These dynamics are driving up costs to employ CDL drivers. Driver weekly earnings have surged to more than 5X their historical average. For OTR drivers, the surge is up more than 25% in the past 3 years. And of course, this dynamic creates a more competitive environment for CDL driver recruitment.

Carriers have an opportunity to improve CDL driver recruitment.

Companies competing for attention of CDL drivers today must be agile, efficient and transparent. Still, research shows that many carriers are missing the mark.

Part of the issue lies in the disparity of CDL driver recruitment platforms. Another major issue is a lack of dedicated CDL driver recruitment resources. Combined, these issues leave many carriers at a disadvantage. Oftentimes, losing the driver before they have completed a full-application. Or worse, losing them to competition who was able to act faster on the lead.

Improve your CDL Driver Recruitment.

TransForce has partnered with ClearlyRated to survey over 700 professional truckers for it's 3rd consecutive year.

We have consolidated our findings to answer the following questions:

  • What do CDL drivers expect when applying for a job?
  • What information do CDL drivers expect to know up front about the role? About your company?
  • How can carriers deliver quick wins to increase application to hire ratios? Total driver count?

Download your copy today to unlock crucial information that will help enhance your CDL driver recruitment strategy.