Creating The Perfect Job Ad: 3 Things About Truck Drivers Every Recruiter Needs to Know

November 4, 2022

Creating The Perfect Job Ad: 3 Things About Truck Drivers Every Recruiter Needs to Know

As the transportation industry continues to battle a lingering driver shortage, it's clear that recruiters and human resource teams must reimagine their approach to driver recruitment.

The American Trucking Association estimates that the driver shortage could climb to 160,000 in 2030. The industry's future depends on companies' ability to keep drivers on the road.

Gone are the days of traditional job marketing tactics. Disorganized job boards, complex application processes, and lags in communication harm the job search experience. A modernized strategy is the only way to maximize your recruitment budget and fill open seats.

Before Uploading Another Job Ad, Here’s 3 Things You Need to Know About Drivers.

Who makes up the current talent pool for truck drivers?

Knowing how to focus your recruitment efforts is essential for hiring drivers.

A recent study by TransForce and ClearlyRated shows that 43% of younger drivers aged 35 and under are the most satisfied with their profession. That satisfaction rose even higher for entry-level CDL drivers.

Despite the lack of female representation in the industry, 62% of women surveyed are delighted in their role and would even go as far as recommending truck driving as a career to others.

The data suggests there is an untapped niche of drivers looking for your job ad! But before you can connect with them, review your recruitment tactics to ensure your listing resonates with drivers in these demographics.

What do truck drivers value most?

With retirements and turnover at a record high, it is essential to consider what the upcoming generation of truck drivers values most. While there is not a one-size fits all approach, there are a few key things drivers are looking for:

Better Experience and Benefits

The driver experience starts at the job listing. Most millennial truck drivers are looking for a mobile-friendly or digital way to apply for a new role. Balancing long work hours and personal life leaves little time for a job search. Streamlining the application and screening process with an easy-to-use platform fills seats faster and instantly puts you ahead of the competition.

Beyond the application and hiring experience, competitive pay is also critical; bonuses, incentives, and additional perks help attract interested drivers.

Scheduling and Home Time

Work hours are one of the most challenging aspects of being a trucker, and it is also tough on their families. Many drivers say that home time is the most crucial benefit they evaluate when choosing a job. Therefore communicating work hours in your job posts will help attract an ideal candidate.

Clear Communication

Drivers want to feel prioritized. One of the most impactful ways to demonstrate this is with a quick follow-up after receiving their application. Fast and effective communication from the beginning is imperative, as data shows that 60% of drivers take a job from the first recruiter they speak to.

What makes up the perfect job posting?

The ability to attract new talent into this industry depends on the driver's experience. Research shows that the job search process sets the tone for the employment experience.

Unfortunately, nearly one-fourth of drivers feel frustrated about their past job searches, and 95% of candidates who click on a job ad don't follow through to complete the application.

Where are things going wrong? From the perspective of truck drivers, the drop-off happens at the company's job posting. If you find that drivers aren't making it past the application phase, it is likely because your application takes too long or is overly complex.

To successfully connect with drivers, recruiters need to ensure that their job postings contain valuable information and are transparent about the steps to apply. So, what makes for a stand-out job posting?

Over 60% of drivers say they want to see weekly pay rates, work hours, and route type listed on job postings. While these items should be your primary focus, including general benefits and PTO can also be another way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Every driver is different, and while every job won't be the right fit for everyone, you can make sure your job ad lands in front of ideal candidates with the right strategy.

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