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Transportation jobs are often a high-volume game. We help you cut through the noise with dedicated hiring and staffing solutions that will set your team up for success.

Human Resources

We serve as your extended recruiting arm.

As an HR professional in the transportation industry, you know how to juggle. We help simplify your role by acting as an extended arm of your recruiting team so you can quit juggling, and focus on the big picture goals for your department.

How We Support Your Business

  • Talent_Retention


    We help you cut through the noise and reach highly qualified candidates for your roles.

  • Computer_01

    Time To

    We merge personal communication with technology to decrease your time to hire.

  • Data


    Working together, we streamline your recruitment process to improve key HR metrics.

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    Diversity and

    Through our network of schools, we help you diversify your workforce with talented individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Solutions for Human Resources

  • Improve Applicant Quality with TF1

    TF1 is an intelligent, self-service lead generation platform designed to bring you quality applicants - with validated license class and endorsements.
    Learn More about TF1
    HR Improve Applicant Quality TF1
  • Increase Your Volume of Quality Leads

    Bring in more candidates to your open roles with our driver marketing team, who are specialized in driving app-flow to your most difficult roles.
    Discover Driver Marketing Solutions
    Increase Volume of Leads HR
  • Let us Source and Screen for Your Recruiters

    Looking to build your workforce faster? Our industry tenured team sources and screens qualified transportation professionals for you.
    Discover Our Direct Hire Solutions
    Screen for Your Recruiters
  • Outsource Driver Recruitment and Employment

    If you lack a dedicated driver recruitment team, outsource the job to us. With 30 years as the industry leader in driver staffing, we are equipped to support your every need.
    Learn more about Driver Staffing
    Outsource Driver Recruitment
  • Meet Diversity and Inclusion Goals

    Achieving Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) goals in transportation is a challenge for many companies. Learn how to tap into a diverse talent pool by hiring from our CDL Schools.
    Discover our CDL Graduate Programs
    CDL Schools HR

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