Benefits of Being a TransForce Driver

May 4, 2022

Benefits of Being a TransForce Driver

Looking for you next truck driving role with great CDL driver benefits? TransForce may be just what you are looking for.

We proudly employ over 10,000 professional drivers each year, helping them gain access to more than 100,000 jobs in our network through our +3,000 carrier customers. 

CDL Driver Benefits at TransForce

In addition to a broad selection of great paying jobs, the flexibility to choose your schedule and navigate your career your way, TransForce offers excellent CDL driver benefits. As a driver on the TransForce company payroll, you will receive:

  • Competitive weekly pay through direct deposit or debit card
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Life and disability insurance
  • Paid time off
  • 401k with a competitive match
  • Legal services
  • Identity theft protection

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Is a driver recruitment company right for me?

Choosing a new employer is always a difficult decision. Several factors lend to your decision-making process, but drivers are primarily interested in 3 key factors: pay, schedule and leadership.

How does TransForce help me secure a great paying trucking job?

As a driver recruitment company, TransForce serves as your advocate helping you earn the pay you desire. It's our job to negotiate with carriers and other trucking companies. We use market benchmark studies to ensure the carriers we work with are offering pay-rates that match or exceed the standard for your route type and location.

We strive to place every driver in rewarding roles - both personally, and financially. 

Can I work local, regional and/or over the road (OTR) routes with TransForce?

All of the above. One of the benefits of working with TransForce is access to the jobs available at our +3,000 carrier customers - all of whom need different types of drivers to perform different types of jobs. On any given day, we dispatch 4,000 drivers to take on these various routes across the United States and Canada. Rest assured, we have access to jobs that align with your schedule - and continue to add new jobs daily. 

What can I expect from TransForce Leadership?

For over 30 years our ethos has centered on putting the driver first. Getting you the jobs you want, at the pay you deserve is how we win - and so, you are essential at TransForce.

Our driver agents work with you to ensure your satisfaction on a job. And, if something isn't going as you'd like - we work to get you into the next role. The good news for you? You never have to change employers on your resume. Each time you change a role, you continue to be employed by TransForce, keeping your resume pristine for future employers.

Do I need to be on your team to gain access to jobs in your network?

It is possible to access jobs in our network without becoming a TransForce employee - Though we'd love to have you! By downloading the TF1 mobile app, you can start browsing and applying direct for jobs in our network. Just a few clicks on your smart phone and you could be on your way to your next great job!


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