Truck Driving Jobs: Temp Truck Driver Agency or Staffing Company?

July 1, 2021

Truck Driving Jobs: Temp Truck Driver Agency or Staffing Company?

Truck drivers have more choices when it comes to finding a good job. With the continued rise in the number of trucking companies that outsource their staffing management and recruitment to an agency or a company, the job possibilities for qualified CDL drivers have taken on new definitions.

Figuring out what your ideal employment situation looks like means understanding the pros and cons between a staffing company or a temporary agency. Many people think a staffing agency and a temp agency are basically the same thing. Both types of organizations do have overlapping business models, often providing some of the same services. However, staffing companies typically offer a wider array of options for their employees.

Agencies Offer Much Shorter Assignments

While both temporary agencies and staffing companies offer temporary placement of qualified workers for their clients, staffing companies tend to focus more on long-term solutions, both for the employee and the customer. Agencies usually provide short-term labor ranging from a single day to several months — to help their customers deal with peak busy periods, absences, maternity leaves and special assignments. At a temp agency, all the parties involved expect that the arrangement is not “forever” and that it will end. Sometimes assignments can end suddenly, with little or no warning.

Better Compensation and Flexibility

Working for a staffing company offers more stability and the ability to plan ahead. Drivers at staffing companies can expect to work for a much longer period of time, often on regular runs that last a year or more. You are an employee of the staffing company, who handles your pay, benefits, schedule and assignments. While temp agencies often offer little or no benefits, staffing companies often offer competitive compensation packages that include health care coverage, paid time off, 401K, life and disability insurance and more. Also, with many temp agencies, you are a co-employee of both the company who is offering the assignment, as well as the agency. Working for a staffing company keeps one name on your resume for the length of your employment with the company. That way, your resume and employment history stays looking clean. If a driver’s employment history has too much “clutter”, or too many jobs, many companies will not extend an offer of employment.

You Decide When and Where to Work

A good CDL driver staffing company can also offer qualified CDL drivers a level of freedom and flexibility that they are unable to receive from a traditional trucking company or a temp agency. Some staffing companies offer a “no-forced dispatch” policy, which allows drivers the luxury of being able to choose when and where they’d like to work. Employees who have freedom and flexibility, along with control over their schedules, tend to have a much higher level of job satisfaction – often directly translating into better job performance. With temporary agency assignments, the driver must take the assignment given or he/she doesn’t get paid.

Choosing a Staffing Company

In choosing a staffing company, look for one that has a long history of operation and continued growth. That shows you that they are well-managed, successful and respected by both clients and employees. Also, be sure they strictly comply with DOT regulations and recommendations. They should have a safety record they are proud to share with you. The company should be able to offer flexible employment arrangements, competitive compensation and benefits and should be able to find out what you want in a dream job and match you to an assignment. The right CDL driver staffing company can offer promising opportunities.

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