Rev Up Recruitment: 3 Strategies to Solve Driver Hiring Challenges

January 24, 2024

Rev Up Recruitment: 3 Strategies to Solve Driver Hiring Challenges

Recruiting and retaining qualified truck drivers is one of the most significant challenges organizations and recruiters face. With the driver shortage expected to reach its most significant shortfall of more than 80,000 drivers this year and the long-haul driver turnover rate averaging 94%, solving these challenges is crucial for long-term success.

According to experts, retaining drivers will continue to be a hurdle for trucking companies as the economy changes. Ensuring driver retention is a complex task. Carriers must effectively manage their data, understand the feedback from their drivers, and, importantly, recognize and address driver concerns to have a competitive edge.

How to Improve Candidate Experience for Truck Drivers

Successfully recruiting truck drivers requires understanding the hurdles between making the first connection with drivers, getting applicants through the hiring process, and, ultimately, on the road. 

Poor Candidate Experience

Ensuring job applicants have a positive experience is critically important when hiring, especially for truck drivers. Sadly, many truck driver candidates face issues affecting how they see potential employers.

Improving the driver's experience and hiring more efficiently in the fast-paced trucking world is crucial. When companies understand how their hiring strategy and the driver's expertise connect and focus on hiring quickly while keeping the quality high, they become top choices for job seekers. 

A quicker hiring process makes things better for drivers and sets the stage for a long and good relationship between drivers and their employers. 

Breakdowns in Workplace Communication

Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace 2022 Report reveals that out of the 31 million employees interviewed, only 13% of their leaders practiced effective workplace communication.

Effective communication is the adhesive that maintains seamless operations, ensuring dispatchers, drivers, schedulers, and all team members are in sync. Conversely, lacking communication results in frustration and confusion, leading to increased turnover. 

Trucking companies must prioritize intercommunication. Employing cutting-edge strategies ensures that communication enhances the work experience and retains employees. Key steps include investing in communication skills training for management and staff, fostering a culture of open communication, and addressing language barriers within diverse teams.

Organizations can also consider implementing communication tools for real-time updates, establishing regular check-ins, and enhancing transparency through technology platforms. 

Streamlining the Application Process

Streamlining the hiring process is crucial, as lengthy and complex procedures may discourage qualified candidates. Statistics reveal that 95% of candidates who click on a job ad don't complete the application, and 50% of drivers prioritize the ability to easily view and apply for jobs within a single platform search.

Trucking companies can reduce candidates' stress levels by prioritizing a faster hiring process, increasing driver interest and satisfaction when things move swiftly. Companies acting promptly and respecting applicants' time are more likely to leave a positive impression on drivers.

Enter TF1, a platform that facilitates connections between carriers and qualified drivers. For carriers, TF1 offers the convenience of posting jobs, setting budgets, instantly reaching validated candidates, and reviewing applicants in detail to select the best fit for their fleet.

For drivers, the TF1 mobile app transforms the job search experience. Creating a profile, updating job preferences, and receiving alerts for jobs that meet their criteria is all drivers need to find the right job.

Tackling the Trucking Industry's Recruitment Challenges

Tackling the recruitment challenges in this industry requires an intelligent and all-encompassing strategy. Hiring teams must keep evolving in the recruitment game, ensuring candidates have a great experience and taking proactive steps to boost workplace communication. It's about overcoming hurdles and standing out in this competitive landscape through dedication and innovation. 

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