5 Questions to Ask in a Driver Engagement Survey

May 23, 2022

5 Questions to Ask in a Driver Engagement Survey

With the current driver shortage, many carriers are looking for ways to retain talent. If you’re looking for ways to keep your best drivers from moving to greener pastures, a driver engagement survey, or driver satisfaction questionnaire, is a great way to open the doors of communication and make sure your drivers are happy. There will always be driver turnover in the trucking industry, but communicating regularly with your CDL drivers about their job satisfaction can help you improve driver retention and keep your company drivers happy. 

What questions should I ask a truck driver?

Below are some key factors to consider when creating your driver satisfaction survey. Feel free to add more and personalize these topics to your trucking company. But remember to keep the survey brief so it doesn’t feel like a chore for your truckers to complete. 

1. Schedule

According to our 2021 Driver Insights Report, 34% of drivers say home time is the most important benefit to consider when choosing a job. Ask drivers about how much time they are currently spending at home versus how much they would like to spend at home. Keep in mind that as family dynamics change, these preferences will also likely change. Company drivers with young kids may want to be home more, while empty-nesters may want to spend more time on the road. 

2. Salary

It’s no surprise that another significant factor in whether drivers are happy in their position is their total compensation package. Be sure to ask your drivers if they are happy with their pay and if they feel like they are on track to earn their bonuses or incentives. 

3. Dispatch

Dispatchers are a driver’s main point of contact when they’re on the road. It’s important that drivers and dispatchers communicate regularly and with respect. Inquiring about the quality of the relationship the driver has with dispatch and what management can do to improve it are good steps to take to prevent interpersonal conflicts and misunderstandings and improve job satisfaction for all parties. 

4. Equipment

With drivers spending so much time in their trucks, the quality of their equipment is extremely important. But you need to know where to invest your money. Asking your drivers which amenities are important to them or asking them to rank their satisfaction with existing amenities can help you prioritize what to upgrade. 

5. Benefits

Like salary, benefits are an important part of the compensation package. Asking your drivers about their satisfaction with their current insurance options, retirement savings accounts, and other benefits will help you figure out what is important to them and where the trucking company can improve their offerings. 

How do truck drivers stay motivated?

This is a question best answered by your truck driver engagement survey. What works for one driver or one carrier to improve driver retention will not work for everyone in the transportation industry. And what motivates people changes over time. Many drivers want opportunities to advance within their organizations, but some are more motivated by safety incentives or bonuses. Benefits like childcare may be critical for younger employees or new drivers, but for drivers with grown children, this may not be an important factor. Talk to your drivers to find out what motivates them and what is important to them. Tailor your compensation and benefits packages to what your employees want and need.

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