Tips to Attract and Retain Female Truck Drivers

April 25, 2022

Tips to Attract and Retain Female Truck Drivers

In 2022, women make up over 10% of all OTR truck drivers. But that still means that there are far more men than women behind the wheel. For many carriers, recruiting and retaining women may require different tactics than their standard practices.

Why should you hire female truckers?

The most obvious answer is because of the driver shortage. Between the COVID-19 pandemic, the increase in e-commerce retail sales, and high turnover rate for CDL drivers, recruiting female drivers is a great way to keep your fleet moving. But what you may not have considered is that women are safer drivers. According to a study done by the American Transportation Research Institute, women are 71 percent less likely to have a reckless or negligent driving conviction, 56 percent less likely to have a seat belt violation, 58 percent less likely to be convicted of running a stoplight and 59 percent less likely to be convicted of speeding one to 15 miles over the speed limit when compared to men.

With an essentially untapped demographic of safe drivers, why wouldn’t you try to add more female drivers to your fleet?

How do you attract female truck drivers?

There are many ways to recruit drivers, but you can’t necessarily assume that all the traditional job recruitment tactics will work for women the same as they do for men. Below are some strategies you can use specifically to hire female truckers.


One of the best ways to find new employees is for current drivers to recommend your company to their friends. This is especially true for women in a male-dominated field. Women don’t want to end up working for a company that undervalues them because of their gender. Offering a referral bonus is a good way to encourage your drivers to recommend their friends.

Get Involved

Joining an organization like Women in Trucking, dedicated to encouraging women in the trucking industry, promoting their accomplishments, and reducing their obstacles, is another way to get your company name in front of many female drivers. They’ll also likely have newsletters or blogs where you can stay up-to-date on issues facing women drivers, ways to encourage women in your workforce, and trends affecting them.


Send the women in your executive team to networking events for female professionals inside and outside of the trucking industry. These events can be a great resource not just for recruiting but also for finding ways to retain female talent and staying current with issues facing the women working at your company.

What kinds of benefits will help retain female truck drivers?

How to retain quality drivers is the question every carrier needs to answer. There are many benefits that will help keep your drivers happy, but below are some female-focused benefits that you should consider offering if you want to keep your women drivers on the payroll.

Mentorship Program

Creating a program within your company where leaders or trainers mentor women new to the company or new to the industry will reap many benefits for your company. Partnering up with a woman who's been in the trucking business for a while and can share her insights, encouragement, or success stories is invaluable for younger female drivers or those new to the industry.

Offer Team Jobs

Some women may want to drive as a team with their spouse or significant other. This can be a great opportunity for your company to stand out by offering a way for married couples to spend time together when they’re both driving OTR.

Focus on Safety

If you’ve already started to recruit female drivers, you may have noticed that a common question or fear is regarding driver safety. In a male-dominated field, and with so much time spent away from home, driver safety is a big concern for many women. Consider offering resources or women-led training on staying safe while on the road.

Consider Childcare

For many young women looking to enter the industry, childcare is a big concern. Offering benefits like childcare reimbursement or flexible local schedules that allow consistent home time for moms can help you retain drivers facing the challenge of figuring out a solution for childcare.

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