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Cranston Trucking Outsources Driver Management to TransForce

May 1, 2024

Cranston Trucking Outsources Driver Management to TransForce

About Our Client

Cranston Trucking Inc provides LTL transportation, warehousing, LTL and full truckload brokerage, consolidation, and distribution services to 48 states, Mexico, and Canada. 

Cranston by the numbers

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Business Challenge

Cranston Trucking provides LTL transportation, warehousing, and distribution services to 48 states, Mexico, and Canada. They hire drivers across the Eastern and Atlantic coastline to move freight within the Eastern seaboard. 

A small business with a lean operations team, Cranston Trucking needs a driver staffing partner who can fully manage driver marketing, recruitment, onboarding, safety, compliance, and payroll so their team can focus on customer service and business growth. 

For decades, Cranston has partnered with outsourced driver staffing companies to support its driver program. The company considers key criteria when selecting a partner, including:  

  • Safety record 
  • Compliance procedures 
  • Driver benefits and retention record 
  • Geographic coverage 
  • Ease of doing business 

For Cranston, a long-term partnership is key. To ease the daily burden of driver management and dispatch, they need a partner who understands their requirements, equipment, routes, and lanes as if they were an ingrained part of the Cranston team.  

Equally, the company seeks a partner who offers competitive driver benefits and services that will attract drivers to come to work for their business and stay. 

As a small company, Cranston is acutely aware of the significant risk posed by audit failures and DOT recordable accidents on their bottom line. They seek partners with high safety standards and robust compliance procedures.  

TransForce Solution

Initially, Cranston Trucking hired TransForce for short term (flex) driver placement. TransForce quickly proved its ability to deliver high-quality drivers and exceptional safety standards at each of Cranston’s hiring locations. As a result, Cranston Trucking transitioned its entire driver staff to the TransForce team, who has been recruiting and employing all drivers for Cranston Trucking for +3 years. 

Customer Results:

Cranston customer results

Cranston is a safety-centric business, utilizing in-truck cameras and ELD monitoring to protect drivers and equipment. TransForce is an equally safety-minded business that maintains an excellent safety record, with robust compliance and training for its drivers. This mutual prioritization of safety has allowed Cranston to reduce their per truck insurance rates by over 50%. 

The company also offers competitive benefits and services to its staff, which include 401K with match, medical, vision and dental coverage, a 24/7 nurses’ hotline and more. Cranston reaps the benefits of TransForce’s attractive driver benefits package by being able to hire drivers more quickly, while maintaining a low turnover rate. 

In addition to keeping their freight moving, partnering with TransForce allows Cranston to maintain lean overhead in their business and react to shifting market dynamics quickly.  

TransForce manages the drivers’ recruitment process, onboarding, payroll, benefit management, and compliance – maintaining driver DQ files and making them available to Cranston regularly. 

“TransForce does an excellent job replenishing drivers when the situation dictates. Drivers being presented into our operation are thoroughly screened and always meet the requirements of our master safety plan. What I like most about TransForce is when we have concerns or want to try something new, they are willing to listen and are flexible in trying to meet our request.”   

John DiGiuseppe, Operations Director at Cranston Trucking 

About TransForce

TransForce is the leading provider of CDL driver solutions in the United States.  

For over 30 years, the company has been placing highly skilled CDL drivers in jobs they love while helping carriers fill over 15,000 positions annually. More than 3,000 companies rely on TransForce’s array of CDL driver solutions to effectively source and staff qualified, compliant professional truck drivers.