The Future of Driver Recruitment: Saying Goodbye to Traditional Job Boards

November 11, 2022

The Future of Driver Recruitment: Saying Goodbye to Traditional Job Boards

The State Of Recruiting

Recruiting across industries has been very difficult over the past few years. New research shows that between the great resignation and retirement, where 4.3 million Americans left their jobs last year, two-thirds of those who left did not actually quit--they retired.

The truck driving industry was not left unscathed during this mass exodus. Between fewer younger drivers entering the profession and a high percentage of aging drivers retiring, the driver shortage will worsen in the coming years unless action is taken.

Carriers are up against serious hurdles, but the outlook does not have to be bleak. On the contrary, one thing the driver shortage has brought to light is the need to uplevel our recruitment toolkits with cost-efficient resources that enable rapid outcomes.

As we move into 2023, a results-driven recruitment strategy is the key to keeping our supply chain moving and drivers on the road.

The Downfall of Traditional Job Boards

Traditional job boards have proven inefficient, as even the best recruiting teams only hire 2% of applicants from conventional job boards. So, unfortunately, when you post a job ad looking for drivers on a platform intended for the masses, the job is likely to be matched with a high volume of unqualified candidates.

For recruiters, this takes countless hours sifting through hundreds of candidates to find two or three that fit the hiring criteria. By the time they contact an applicant, the driver has moved on, and the recruiter must start all over again.

While this process exhausts internal resources and budget, it fails to get drivers on the road and keep goods moving.

The Power of Niche Recruiting Platforms

While other industries are buzzing about digital transformation and using technology to transform business operations, our supply chain, particularly trucking, has gone underserved.

Job boards and hiring tools created for mass hiring hinder carriers from getting their jobs in front of qualified drivers.

Thankfully, technologies like TransForce's TF1 driver-job match platform fill the driver hiring and recruitment gap. Using a platform like TF1 enables businesses and their recruiters to hire up to 8X more drivers without increasing budget or headcount.

There are three key reasons businesses should ditch job boards and leverage a faster, more intuitive way to recruit drivers; with TF1, you can:

  • Create a concise job ad and get in front of drivers via a mobile platform. Quickly update the system with key information about the job, including license class, endorsements, experience level, equipment type, weekly pay, and shift.
  • Receive validated candidates immediately and reduce the time spent on sifting through resumes.TF1 validates drivers' CDL classes and endorsements before applicants can apply for open roles. Facilitating validation creates more time to review applicants in detail and make the best choice for your fleet.
  • Use time-savings to make a quick follow-up and show applicants you are considerate of their time. Research shows that most applicants proceed with the first recruiter they are in contact with. Be the first to connect with top talent and ensure they choose to work with your company.
  • Expedite the hiring process and lower the cost per hire. Your hiring team can reallocate resources to onboarding new drivers and making them feel prioritized throughout the process.

Consider how candidates perceive your current job postings and application process to revamp your approach. In the 2022 Truck Driver Insights Report, we share that 95% of candidates who click on a job ad do not complete the application.

For example, drivers are most likely to follow through with an application with a concise job posting that offers the information they value and doesn't require too much personal information. Prioritization of driver needs starts before they join your company, and the driver's experience with the job search process influences their overall employment experience.

You can create a highly consistent and efficient end-to-end hiring process using innovative technology like TF1 to get in front of your ideal candidates and build relationships with them.

Ready to up-level your driver recruitment toolkit? Schedule a demo today to learn more about the trucking industry's most innovative driver-job match technology!