Webinar: Top Driver Recruitment Strategies

July 18, 2022

Webinar: Top Driver Recruitment Strategies

The trucking industry is operating in prehistoric times. For over 20 years digital technologies have disrupted nearly every industry we interact with on a day-to-day basis - from carpooling to consumer goods and healthcare. But the world of trucking has remained stagnant. 

There is a driver shortage, finding drivers is hard, retaining them is harder.”  We don’t have to tell you this story – you’ve heard it a million times, and nothing has changed… Until now. 

What are the top driver recruitment strategies to adopt?

In this webinar, originally hosted on July 12th 2022 on FreightWaves, we discuss the dos and do nots of truck driver recruitment, sharing a solution to take your organization from prehistoric – to present, modern and efficient. 

Join TransForce and FreightWaves to discover: 

  • The quick wins you can adopt RIGHT NOW to hire more drivers, faster 
  • How to fix your broken driver recruitment funnel 
  • How to transition from prehistoric to present-day in 3 steps 

Hosted by:

  • Craig Ferguson, Head of Digital Solutions at TransForce
  • Ohad Axelrod, Head of Product at TransForce