World Class Driver Recruitment - For Any Budget

May 24, 2022

World Class Driver Recruitment - For Any Budget

While small and privately owned businesses make up nearly 60% of the trucking industry, they are also the most challenged to find qualified drivers.

Mega-carriers, with mega bucks to spend and expansive resources, often outspend their smaller peers on advertising power and manpower – helping them get more drivers in the door quickly.

How can you compete for driver attention and keep your seats filled?

View our 30 minute webinar, originally hosted on June 9, 2022 and prepared from the learnings and best practices sourced from TransForce proprietary driver recruitment research, to learn:

  • How you can compete for driver attention on any budget
  • Best practices and quick wins you can deploy today to hire drivers faster
  • The new platforms that enable you to succeed

Hosted by:

  • Ohad Axelrod, Head of Product at TransForce
  • Kelly McGurk, Director of Carrier Marketing at TransForce